Acoustic Flow Meter Tool - AFM

AFMThe Patented Acoustic Flow Meter Tool – AFM is a high temperature downhole tool designed to measure fluid velocity and fluid density in an oilfield production operation incorporating an ultrasonic device. AFM includes continuous temperature measurement for logging and correlation purposes. Memory and SRO operations are included. AFM incorporates high precision electronics and measures accurately flow in a wide range of fluid velocity. The AFM connects to our Fast Hybrid Telemtry Tool (FHT) for Real Time Data Transmission.


General Specifications

Temperature Rating

177 deg C / 350 deg F

Pressure Rate

103.4 MPa / 15,000 psi


Diameter 1-11/16” (43mm) O.D. Lenght 14 - 76 inch (*)


Go connectors

Total Head Voltage

48 VDC

 Internal Memory

32 Gbyte capacity - Up to 60 day continous record.

Real Time Data Transmission

Connected to FHT, data rate up to 400 Kbps.


Temperature, Fluid Velocity, Fluid Identification.

Fluid Velocity Range

*4 ft/min - 5000 ft/min ( Casing 5'': 100BPD - 129000BPD)

Circuitry Protection

Under - Over Voltage Protection / Over Current Protection 

Real Time Clock Autonomy

Up to 1.33 hrs



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