PLT Tool String

Production logging, a technique that traces its origins back to the 1930's, consists of several measurements that evaluate fluid movement in and out of wellbores. Mostly used to determine fluid and flow properties, it is commonly measured with a spinner flowmeter (a blade that rotates when fluid moves past it). It requires a calibration process to compensate for friction in the spinner bearings and the effects from fluid viscosity (nonlinear velocity responses).

With much evolution since the early days, EngRD is adding to its repertoire a new acoustic flowmeter that allows measuring of flow rates and fluid density, in real-time.

Our telemetry allows you to send 100 samples per second to the surface, opening a window of opportunity to gather a great deal of data while logging, using a susceptible and accurate temperature sensor and a fast response quartz pressure sensor.

You can make qualitative conclusions about fluid entries using our acoustic flowmeter and our temperature sensor, particularly in very low-flow rate zones in which a spinner may not be sensitive enough for those ranges. Of course, our Gamma Ray and Casing Collar Locator provide depth control and correlation with completion components.

Another advantage is our dual operation mode: Real-Time / Memory. Our tool string always runs and records all data to the memory to ensure a backup is recorded.

Note, in order to use the tool on a Slickline or Coiled Tubing operation, you need to add Battery Housing, a Battery pack, and our Depth Time System (DTS). The tools are rated to 177oC, 15,000 psi of working pressure and are sour service ready.

For surface data acquisition, a Warrior 8 System is required.