Radial Bond ToolThe Ultra High Speed Hybrid Radial (UHSHR ) tool evaluates the cement bond quality and integrity to both pipe and formation by providing the measurements of the cement bond amplitude (CBL) through near receiver (3-ft crystal ), and variable density log (VDL) through far receiver (5-ft Crystal). UHSRH tool also provide a cement map through six (eight) (twelve) segmented receivers, each segment covers 60° (45°) (60°) section of the pipe. All sonic data is captured and stored at 1µs sample rate digitally within 2ms after the transmitter fires allowing flexibility of the output telemetry. The has a built in TOP SIDE LOCATOR (optional) which determines the top of the tool during logging. The telemetry can handle the Hybrid Memory / Real Time mode at the same time, the UHSHR can run as Combo with the Multifinger Caliper 40 or 56 arms, The data can be uplink in Real time at a high baud rate (100kbaud to 400kbaud), all the data is digitalized, transmitted and storage in 32 Gbytes of memory continuously over 18 hours. The tool be can run as standalone memory tool with slickline units. UHSRH runs with Scientific Data Systems panels and their software Warrior.



Pressure rating

17,000 psi

Temperature rating

350 deg F

Tool diameter 1-11/16 in

Tool length

under 14 ft

Tool weight


Tool mode

Hybrid Real Time, and Memory / or Memory only

Power tool bus

100VDC to 130VDC

Tool Bus

OWB 1.5Mbps

Sample Rate


Internal Memory

32 GBytes 

Current consumption 

90mA @ 130VDC

Sensor measuring point

Near @ 3ft, Far @ 5ft, Radial @2ft


1.2 in, Dia. Omni


Near & Far= 1.2 in,. Omni, Radial = 6 Segments

Recommended Max. Casing ID

7.0 in

Recommended Min. Casing ID

2.0 in

Borehole fluids

Oil-Fresh Water - Brine

Tool Positioning 

Must be centralized

Logging Speed

30 ft/min



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